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Horse Rope Halter Lead Set With Padded Nose Bit


Soft PP Rope Halters with Soft Lead Rope and Padded Nose Bit for Extra Comfirt

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This horse rope halter lead set is made of latest type of PP rope which has a velvet feel to it and is very strong due to a special inner reinforcement.

The nose area has double weaved soft padding to give long lasting comfort.

Rope Halter is made of 9mm special rope.

Lead is 16mm Diameter.

The lead is attached to the halter by knots & can be taken off and attached back,as and when needed.

The lead in this Horse Rope Halter Lead set can be made to be attached permanently if asked for.

4 sizes hack, cob, pony & extra large

Colours — sea blue,fine green,hot pink, red, navy blue and black/beige.

Halter measurements
you are requested to please check the measurements as given below in conjunction with the sizing photos to determine which size will suit you.this is to avoid getting wrong size and then exchanging.

Hack a-23cm(9″) b-60cm(24″) c-17cm (6.5″) d max-106cm(42″)

Cob a-20cm (8″) b-53cm(21″) c-15cm (6″) d max-94cm(37″)

Pony a-16cm(6″) b-48cm(19″) c-13cm (5″) d max-84cm(33″)

Xtra large size a-25cm(10″) b-65cm(26″) c-20cm(8″) d max-110cm(43″)


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Horse Rope Halter Lead Set


Turquoise, Black/Beige, Fine Green, Hot Pink, Red, Navy Blue


Pony, Cob, Hack (full)

Rope Length

2 meter, 3 meter